What is Regulation D and how does it affect me?

According to the Federal Reserve Act section 19, there are 2 types of accounts with the Credit Union: transactional accounts and non-transactional accounts. A transactional account is your share draft (checking) account. Your share (savings)account is a non-transactional account. Section 19 of the Federal Reserve Act limits the number of transactions that you can conduct using a non-transactional account (share or savings) to 6 per month. This limit is based on when the transaction is posted to your account, not when you authorize the transaction. The following transactions are limited to 6 per month using your share (savings) account: checks from your account, online/mobile banking transfers, automatic transfers ( including those for overdraft protection), transfers made over the phone, any preauthorized automatic withdrawal, and any checks to a third party from your shares (savings). If you exceed the 6 per month limit, you will receive a notice from us. If you continue to exceed the limit each month, we may reject your transaction or be forced to close your account. To avoid this situation, consider opening a share draft (checking) account. Your first 50 checks are free and no limits on transactions. We also have debit cards available once you have been approved for a checking account. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.